Purse from Pants

So now that gardening season is over, I’ve enjoyed starting some new craft projects. I only have a large diaper bag and wanted a smaller purse that I could take to smaller outings. I cannot bring myself to spend money on this sort of thing, so I made one. I created it out of the bottom of a pair of worn out pants, an unwanted t-shirt, and fabric scrap so it cost me nothing.

To make it, I cut off the bottom of the pants to the length I wanted. Then I cut out a flap on the front so it folder over like a messenger bag.

I then sewed up the bottom and hemmed the unfinished sides. The handle was created from a similar project I did earlier, making a headband out of a t-shirt. There’s a good tutorial here for that. I sewed it on the inside of the bag. I then created a rolled flower for the front flap using this tutorial, and glued it on. The front flap is held down with Velcro I had. This is what it first looked like after all that:

Major problems. I didn’t have thread that matched and hated the results. So I unpicked the seams I hated and also rounded the corners a bit and re-sewed it all with matching thread. (Oh, and my machine which is a little bit broken was given me angst. I went to my mom’s and used hers. So much better.) Here’s the finished purse.

I love the results and have used it a few times already. Next time I would probably make the front flap fold down a little further, but otherwise it’s great.





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