Kid Art: Ice Cube Painting

I enjoy kid art. Much better than grown-up crafts that tend to be a little demoralizing because they never turn out as planned. PB is semi-old enough to participate. He  doesn’t quite get everything as intended, but we all have fun. I like some projects we do just as much or more than he does. Kids are great excuses to have fun. (One day I was singing along at story time, and realized PB wasn’t paying a lick of attention to me so I didn’t need to sing. I stopped but quickly realized I was singing  because I was enjoying it not to engage PB.)

Here is a partial list of some of our projects in the past little while: tractor cut-out, a rain stick, stickers, watercolors, paint butterflies, contact-paper butterflies and ice cube painting. I get some ideas from this blog I subscribed to, along with the very useful Pinterest and the book Homeschool Your Preschooler on a $1 a Day. I recommend that book for anyone trying to entertain preschoolers: the Kindle edition is only a dollar.

I used food coloring and koolaid for the ice cube painting: there are a lot of different methods. We had some friends over to join us in our messiness. Not a clean activity at all (my hand are purplish right now), but a great art project on a hot day. The kids didn’t necessarily paint with the ice…just played with it. PB loved throwing it at the end.

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